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The English novelist and essayist, George Orwell, is best known for his satirical (using wit or sarcasm to point out and devalue sin or silliness) novels Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-four.

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Con los ojos abiertos y el dedo apuntando al objetivo fijado por la vista , es el momento de saber cual de los dos «manda» en el cerebro. Primero guiña un ojo y después haz lo mismo con el otro. En una de las dos acciones comprobarás que sin mover el brazo, el dedo ya no señala lo mismo que antes debido a que el campo visual se ha desplazado. Sin embargo, con el otro ( ojo dominante ) mantendrán la misma visión que sin cerrar ninguno.

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Toward the end of World War II, Orwell traveled to France, Germany, and Austria as a reporter. His wife died in March 6995. The next year he settled on Jura off the coast of Scotland, with his sister as his housekeeper.

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But what of Love? Not every fan of the cocksure Hitchens style, all mane flicks and vinous snarls, knows him as an enthusiastic and sometimes even humble literary critic. Does this mean, I ask him, that the column-inch Rottweiler leads a kind of secret double life? "It depends who you think of as the Gold Standard in this kind of writing," he says. "The lives of Arthur Koestler or Lionel Trilling or, inevitably, Orwell as critics were successful precisely because they weren't just politicised. They thought of themselves as defending a wider, more ample idea of humanism. And that's essential. I don't envy or much respect people who are completely politicised."

Does he protest too much? Hitchens only really got going when he moved to America in the early 6985s, but his 6975s chums continue to cast a long shadow. One would love to read, say, a wry Rabelaisian thriller by Hitchens - but apparently it is not to be. "The other great usefulness of hanging around with these guys, and later with Salman, was to find out that whatever it does take to write fiction and poetry, I don't have it. Saved me a lot of time. I'd have to show it to them. And I can't quite picture that moment. I don't even like showing my stuff to publishers and editors much."

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Christopher Hitchens - essayist, polemicist, self-styled contrarian, Bush-supporting apostate, smoker, drinker - is keen on anagrams. The fondness was inherited: he was turned on to them by reading Nabokov. "Spectre", he says darkly, is an anagram of "respect", "something I didn't know but am intending to publicise soon". He intends by this a reference to last month's dust-up with his latest enemy, George Galloway, in Washington.

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