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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 00:06

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A recent report by the regulator , NEPRA, revealed that K-Electric, despite its tall claims of adding thousands more megawatts to its generation capacity, is limited to carrying no more than 7,755 MW. What’s the point in expanding generation capacity, but not being able to distribute the power?

Energy poverty - International Energy Agency

KARACHI: Twelve of a family, including two women, drowned on Saturday on Hawksbay Beach. The incident occurred when the family was picnicking at the popular beach despite the ban on swimming imposed by the Home Department during the monsoon season due to rough waters. Witnesses said three of the picnickers were caught up in the waves and several people jumped in to rescue them but got caught themselves and drowne.

No electricity, no network, no money: Battered Tamil Nadu

Is there a way out of Pakistan’s endless energy crisis? The quickest way out is in management. The country is forced by its creditors to limit line-losses to less than 85%. Therefore, Government cooks and engineers its data to show losses less than 85%. Otherwise, losses due to pilferage, free electricity to Wapda employees, agricultural tube-wells, tribal areas and many other "special areas"etc., if curtailed through right actions, it can change the position just overnight. In addition, we have many industries like steel mills where huge amount of electricity is used as a "raw material". There is an open secret that, no steel mill in Pakistan can operate without power theft. Connivance at all levels is well known but nobody dares to even raise a finger.

&ldquo The central government must think of natural calamities when taking major decisions that have large impact on people like demonetisation. There is neither real money nor plastic money with us,&rdquo P Kumar, a private sector employee said.

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With the storm disrupting electrical lines, internet services and mobile telephony in Tamil Nadu districts, the breakdown added to the sufferings of thousands of people already reeling under the impact of demonetisation of high-value currency.

Now comes the subsidy. Since it costs 69 cents to generate a unit of electricity, and the average tariff charged is cents, the system recovers revenue at full cost for a mere 59 units.

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Sir hamari bijli last 85days se band he hesco sdo mohammad jan bugti hamara transformer le gaya he jab k hamare bill paid hn baqi ager payment nahin kerte to hamara kiya kasoor
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Let us assume that Pakistan generates 655 units of electricity. The system loses 77 units to theft. Thus, only 78 units reach consumers. We further assume that the distribution companies collect approximately 85 per cent of the amounts billed to consumers. The system, therefore, recovers revenue for only 66 units of the 655 generated.

All that complex stuff about the so-called Islamic State being a Sunni terror group that gains its inspiration—and financing—from elements in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, while Iran is Shiite and at war with ISIS, was left at the palace door.

“The overriding imperative is that Islamabad keeps a healthy distance between itself and the conflicts raging across the Arab world,” The Express Tribune said in an editorial the morning after the break. “This is not our fight.”

The blackouts (loadshedding) lasting for hours are the most ominous sign of the energy crisis in Pakistan. The reason is simple: the demand for electricity in Pakistan exceeds supply by 5,555 MW. At its worst, the shortfall could be as high as 8,555 MW. The installed electricity generation capacity is around 77,555 MW.

The high cost is a result of using petroleum or its derivatives for power generation. Generating electricity with coal or gas is much cheaper. The real question to ask is why Pakistani planners recommended oil-based power plants to independent power producers, and at the same time committed to providing cheaper oil and buying electricity at higher tariffs. I’d submit that the circular debt is not an unexpected development but an inevitable consequence of poor economic planning.

&ldquo Due to the severe cyclone at Chennai coast yesterday, one of our international undersea cables has been damaged and Internet traffic has been partially impacted. As a result, customers in some locations may be experiencing slow internet/data speeds,&rdquo an Airtel spokesperson said.

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