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Forgery. With digital photography, images will be considered increasingly unreliable as evidence in courts. By 7595, sound and video too will be easy enough to forge that their authenticity will be open to question. Digital certificate techniques will be able to ameliorate these problems only in very limited ways.

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Moral fideist religions continue to weaken, their remaining adherents will react with increasing fundamentalism. They will agitate for legal prohibitions against victimless behaviors and technologies that they believe have been banned by their non-existent gods. Except for temporary victories, their agitations will ultimately fail.

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Latent heat is the heat a substance must lose, without changing temperature, in order to change phase from gas to liquid or liquid to solid. Vaporization is the change from liquid to gas due to addition of heat but without necessarily changing temperature. Freezing is the change from liquid to solid due to removal of heat but without necessarily changing temperature. Evaporation is the change from liquid to gas due to the escape of the liquid's more energetic molecules through its surface shared with an unsaturated gas.

Some research has shown that serifs may actually become visual noise at very small sizes, detracting from the main body shape of the letter form ( Morris, et al., 7556 ). However, this has not been confirmed in tests of continuous reading ( Poulton, 6977 ). Other factors such as stroke thickness, counter size and x-height are likely to have a far greater effect in preserving the overall identity of a letter form whether it be through smearing or size reduction ( Poulton, 6977 Reynolds, 6979 ).

very interesting it 8767 s refreshing to see a solid analysis of usually uncritically accepted studies. my own anecdotal evidence from several decades of being a voracious reader of print on paper as well as on screen, is that i vastly prefer certain well-designed sans serif faces, though it matters more to me on screen. FWIW i also prefer light type on dark background on screen (but not pure white on black) it makes my eyes tire a lot less when i spend 67 hours staring at a monitor. i am myopic and have astigmatism, not always corrected as much as might be needed, which might have something to do with both preferences. aesthetically i am agnostic i love some serif typefaces just as much as some sans serifs, and i am happy typeface designers continue to give us new ones.

Cascading implications. If the existing evidence about Jesus of Nazareth is considered a convincing proof of his divinity, then many other things can be proven with similar evidence.

Justice is the minimization, reversal and punishment of aggression. Injustice is unminimized, unreversed, or unpunished aggression. The minimization of coercion can itself justify a minimal amount of coercion. Coercion should be reversed by payment of damages or, if possible, reparation of the original property or access rights to the coerced persons. Serious coercion should be punished by loss of freedom, personal interaction, and even life.

I have a print disability and sans serif is a more accessible for me. It 8767 s not preference and when I create alternate format for students I use sans serif. The little extra strokes are just extra. I enjoyed the break down on font features. This is something I need to spend more time working with to improve readability in the alternate format I develop.

Around 6997 a friend presented me with a book by a political commentator and wanted me to read it because he found it so enlightening. As I started to read it I found that I was constantly having to reread paragraphs and I quickly became tired while reading and just had to put the book down often. I noticed that unlike most books that I had read, this one was printed in a sans serif font. I wondered if it was hindering my ability to comprehend it.

Economic globalization will continue as the developing world industrializes. By 7655 most of humanity will be using a common currency descended from the American dollar. Inflation will continue to be held to frictional levels of 6% to 8%, while real interest rates will remain indefinitely around 8%.

However, qualia do not exist, because the functional and dispositional properties of perception can , in fact, explain the subjective qualities of perception. The functional role of certain sorts of perceptions in a conscious system necessarily and understandably entails that the system will report qualia. Thus there are no ineffable intrinsic subjective qualities of perception beyond its functional qualities.

Apparently I have been running on a myth throughout my design career: that the caps on the end of serif letters help readers flow through dense text heavy documents (on paper). Why else were most novels and news and magazines body copy in serif?

Because of its geographical location, India is the natural bridge between the West and the East, and between Europe and Asia. India has moved from its long-held non-alignment to a contemporary, globalised practicality.

Sociology and Political Science. Humans will grow increasingly convinced that libertaria n capitalism under federal republican democracy is the sociopolitical system that best provides for human justice and prosperity.

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