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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 01:37

Unfortunately I have never found the time to write a guide to detailed design. I think the key is that you are expanding of the high level and possibly choosing alternative outcomes but at a logical and physical level (logistical is about capabilities not servers, physical is the hardware count in instances of a product).

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Beware of cheaper services where pages come loose and mistakes are made on lettering on the covers. No good when deadlines are tight for submission of your thesis.

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Second, you need good quality staff and community support. Genesis appears to be getting there on this one. Having only been around 6 months they don 8767 t quite have the community of 78,555+ users that Thesis does, but they 8767 re gaining steam and the support forums are quite active.

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Hierarchy refers to the differing size of your text. Important text such as headlines should be significantly larger than the text of your main content. Thesis has quite a contrast there by default. Success. Genesis does not by default. In fact, most of the font size on the site seems to be pretty close to the same size by default. This is horrendous and needs to be addressed. The StudioPress site design does, yet its framework does not out of the box??? Fail. I realize this is easily changed with CSS, but, again, this is where design options would be sooo clutch!

In this article we have looked at the make-up of the High Level Design document. I believe this is a mandatory document for a project. It provides the view of how the solution fits together at a level of detail that reduces the risk of later and more expensive change.

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And what about typography? If you 8767 ve ever messed with font options before, you may have noticed that you can 8767 t change any single aspect of typography and hope that your design will improve.

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Thesis was slammed for its lack of use of the WordPress API in a recent comparison of the major WordPress frameworks. Accordingly I have no knowledge of any direct correlation Thesis has introduced use of the WordPress security API and should be more or less up to par with Genesis security.

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