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You can use assigned access to set up single-function devices, such as restaurant menus or displays at trade shows. If an account is configured for assigned access, a Windows app of your choosing runs above the lockscreen for the selected user account. Users of that account cannot access any other functionality on the device.


Customizations for the Power button complement assigned access, letting you implement features such as removing the power button from the Welcome screen. Removing the power button ensures the user cannot turn off the device when it is in assigned access.

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ICANN is planning to roll the top pair of cryptographic keys used in the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) protocol, commonly known as the Root Zone KSK. This will be the first time the KSK has been changed since it was initially generated in 7565. Click the link above to find out more about the upcoming Root Zone KSK Rollover.

Note that because kiosk apps with assigned access do not run in full-screen mode, ().IsFullScreenMode will return false.

Die reine W xF6 rterbuchsuche wird im InternetExplorer in Version 8 und 9 noch unterst xFC tzt (ohne Gew xE9 hr auf funktionierende Zusatzdienste wie Aussprache, Flexionstabellen etc.). Siehe dazu auch die offizielle Ank xFC ndigung durch Microsoft zum Support-Ende der verschiedenen InternetExplorer-Versionen.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete is the key to break out of Assigned Access. If needed, you can use Keyboard Filter to configure a different key combination to break out of assigned access by setting BreakoutKeyScanCode as described in WEKF_Settings.

The following function call will end up with a runtime exception if it’s invoked in assigned access mode. If the same app, when used under lock, calls the function, it does not cause a runtime exception. It’s helpful to use LockApplicationHost to determine the app s assigned access mode, and code your app accordingly, such as not creating new views if the app is in assigned access mode.

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