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Some fine words, but all of them in French, and no semi-clad pictures of the actress who played Buffy and starred in the epistolary novel x7569 s film adaptation, Cruel Intentions, which at least is in English.

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William Boot, owing to an editorial mix up, is taken away from his column of nature notes and sent to a (fictional) African country as a war reporter. He is innocent and inept and eventually ends up in the middle of a civil war stirred up by the British press. Scoop is one of Waugh’s funniest novels.

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More readable than Hawking, but looks a lot less impressive on your bookshelves. Bryson x7569 s notion of x756c short x756d can be defined as twice as long as Hawking x7569 s x756c brief x756d .

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Why is it a holiday read? If there was ever a time for an uplifting, romantic but not schmaltzy, and well, fun book it’s on holiday. Wallace’s amiable style and protagonist’s amusing mishaps make Charlotte Street this year’s One Day.

The real life story of uptight aristocrat Stewart Gore-Brown and his attempt to build an English manor in the midst of what is now Zambia, in the twilight years of the British Empire.

Why is it a holiday read? Firstly, it’s got everything – love, drama, tragedy – that a good beach read needs. Secondly, it’s a hefty tome – so it’ll last you most of the holiday.

Made up of several love stories, all set on the Greek island of Cephellonia in the middle of World War II, Captain Corelli&rsquo s Mandolin is romantic and heart-wrenching.

Toru Okada loses his job, his cat and then his wife. His pursuit of the latter leads him to a motley crew of unusual characters and situations, from two psychic sisters to sleazy politician.

Just in case you were never made to read this book at school , you should probably make it a priority now. When a plane full of schoolboys crashes onto an uninhabited island, they’re left to fend for themselves. But gradually the innocent children are transformed into savages.  A brilliantly tangled tale of what happens when society is left to fend for itself.

The first novel from comedy writer (and ShortList columnist) Danny Wallace is a classic boy meets girl tale with a (slighty stalker-ish) twist, in which the amusingly named Jason Priestley tries to track down the object of his affection using photos from her disposable camera.

The entertaining memoir of beloved cookbook author and TV Chef Julia Child (her Mastering the Art of French Cooking was revolutionary when it was released) tells of her journey from an American in Paris, confused by local cuisine, to Cordon Bleu trained chef.

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