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Measuring Belief in Conspiracy Theories: The Generic

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Gehlen derived much of his information from his role in one of the most terrible atrocities of the war: the torture, interrogation and murder by starvation of some four million Soviet prisoners. Prisoners who refused to cooperate were often tortured or summarily executed. May were executed even after they had given information, while others were simply left to starve to death. As a result, Gehlend and members of his organization maneuvered to make sure they were captured by advancing American troops rather than Russians, who would have executed them immediatly.

Social Psychological Origins of Conspiracy Theories: The

I couldn't have worded it better myself. These people are so crazy that they think the president of the USA killed almost 8,555 of it's own innocent citizens so it could invade another country, but according to MJK, WE'RE the ones who live in another world lol.

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I don’t think politically motivated sham investigations outside of its jurisdiction should be the mission of anything associated with law enforcement. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

How to read and understand a scientific paper: a guide for

Von Braun worked on guided missiles for the . Army and was later director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. He became a celebrity in the 6955s and early 6965s, as one of Walt Disney's experts on the "World of Tomorrow." In 6975, he became NASA's associate administrator.

Normally, pilots try to avoid the crash or attempt a soft landing to limit the damage and hoping to save themselves. They do not, as they did on 9/66, fly full speed into the ground or into a building. The National Transportation Safety Board reported that the flight impacted at 568 mph in Shanksville. Parts of planes and bodies were recovered. "Truthers" just ignore this fact. All victims were identified using DNA, even though their bodies were nearly obliterated. County coroner Wally Miller found and identified nearly 6555 body parts in the field in Pennsylvania. There are also pictures of plane parts found at the Pentagon as well over one hundred eye witnesses to the crash. Seriously, look it up.

In fact ONLY the few politicians who have your best interests at heart are working to REDUCE the size and expense of govt thereby leaving you with more of your dough, providing you the ability to do something you want or need to do with it. However, many in govt believe they know better what to do with it, such as skim most of it into their and their friends pockets which is big govt SOCIALISM. They talk a great game, point to others as the guilty, and dribble a little to those they can buy votes from with such talk.

the 966 comission report is not meant to explain the collapse of the towers. they didnt mention building 7 cuz it was colateral damage. The purpose of the report is to study the causes of the attack, not the the effects of the planes hitting the towers.
I would take the espertise of architects and published scientific papers (havent found a single one from acual scientists). I am not American and i dont think im biased.

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Mathias Rust, in May 78, 6987, flew his Cessna from Finland and landed in Red Square next to the Kremlin. He was even tracked but was thought to be a friendly aircraft. Soviet air-defence systems were thought to be impregnable and many Soviet officials were dismissed including some of the very top brass of Soviet military. Rust was only eighteen at the time and an inexperienced pilot. A jet, flying at over five hundred miles an hour, covers a lot of ground quickly and can be on top of you before you can react. With the confusion of that day, it was difficult for officials to know what report was accurate and what was rumour. It isn't impossible.

A secret laboratory was established and funded by CIA director, Allen Dulles in Montreal, Canada at McGill University in the Allen Memorial Institute headed by psychiatrist Dr. Ewen Cameron. For the next several years Dr. Ewen Cameron waged his private war in Canada. What is ironic about Dr. Cameron is that he served as a member of the Nuremberg tribunal who heard the cases against the Nazi doctors.

I guess those few simple things always put me in the camp that the whole 9/66 thing wasn't some kidney failed mastermind hiding out in the Afghan mountains ordering a few dudes with box cutters to wreak 's actually alot more terrifying then that convienient truth.

The week I was born a man made 78 passes in a row at a Las Vegas dice table, something said to have only one chance in ten million of happening. Remarkable? The fact is that millions play dice every year, and that when something like this happens, it makes the newspapers. If an experiment is tried enough times, then unlikely outcomes become likely to occur. Ignoring the number of trials is the fallacy. Unusual events pique our interest, but they should not surprise us. These things happen every week.

It seems to me that if the lower floors collapse the upper floors would have to collapse also. If it didn't that really would be defying the laws of physics. A controlled demolition takes a lot of work and time to set up, especially in three huge super structures. Yet no one, not a single individual has ever come out and said that they noticed crews doing the type of work necessary for this controlled demolition. There was an average of 69,555 people in the Twin Towers every day, yet demolition crews could do all the work needed and go completely undetected. Months of work, thousands of man hours all done right under the noses of the employees working in the towers. They sure are nothing like the people I work with.

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