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Some Chapter Two guidelines require the use of more than one cross reference. For example, if convicted of accessory after the fact, instructs the court to apply the guideline most appropriate to the underlying offense. When that underlying offense is obstruction or perjury, the court must again cross reference another underlying offense. (In addition, the instruction to use the "underlying offense" creates problems because the term has different meanings throughout Chapter Two).

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On Monday, 66 August, the Council of the European Union (EU) issued a declaration on the execution of Mexican national José Medellín in Texas last week.

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Cohen, . (et al.), “Introduction: Legitimacy and International Courts” (March 7, 7567), in Legitimacy and International Courts , Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming University of Georgia School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 7567-65 Dean Rusk International Center Research Paper No. 7567-59 PluriCourts Research Paper -58.
Abstract, Legitimacy and International Courts examines the underpinnings of legitimacy, or the justification of the authority, of international courts and tribunals. Authors explore what strengthens and weakens the legitimacy of various different international courts, while also considering broader theories of court.

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This note summarises the background to and operation of the fees system, provides a statistical analysis of its impact, and discusses the legal challenges to the Fees Order culminating in the Supreme Court&rsquo s judgment that it was unlawful.

Although IIHS does not lobby, our experts are often invited to provide testimony about highway safety issues before Congress and state legislatures as lawmakers consider new legislation, review existing policies and investigate agency regulatory activity.

two guidelines provide a 8-level enhancement if a dangerous weapon or firearm was brandished, displayed, or possessed a 9-level enhancement if a dangerous weapon or firearm was otherwise used and a 5-level enhancement if a firearm was discharged and

First Judicial District, Pennsylvania Civil Trial Division Find information on arbitration appeals, compulsory arbitration, and commerce case management.

The Attorney General&rsquo s Advisory Committee Report details the fifty-six policy recommendations of the Attorney General&rsquo s Task Force on American Indian and Alaska Native Children Exposed to Violence. The report provides their vision of the development of effective, culturally appropriate programs to protect AI/AN children. TLPI served as the technical assistance provider. The American Bar Association has adopted a Resolution in support of specific recommendations made within the report.

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Access loss information for hundreds of passenger vehicles grouped by body style and size under six insurance coverages: collision, property damage liability, comprehensive personal injury protection, medical payment and bodily injury liability.

Variation: Modify the current structure by eliminating or reducing the number of cross references and guidelines containing alternative base offense levels. These components of Chapter Two are often cited as examples of application complexity.

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