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The world is eagerly awaiting to witness the rise of the “ASIAN ELEPHANT” and it is time to prove them right. The vigour of the political class displayed by the new government to boost manufacturing and growth along with the favourable global conditions augurs extremely well for the rise of India. The favourable policy climate brought in by various legislations and the improving economy of USA and Europe has brought in new prospects for the Indian Manufacturing Industry.

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Indian political system is very often condemned as corrupt, inefficient and defective. Unhealthy competition among the political parties for power has many a times damaged our national interests. Our political leaders lack nationalistic fervour and will power to face the challenges that are confronting the nation.

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Urban Poverty: In urban areas, while the very poor show a percentage going to food almost identical to that of their rural counterparts, the overall average is less at about 75 per cent, partly because as one moves away from the very poor in the urban situation, the claim of rent upon resources is relatively high. The most striking aspect of the consumption patterns of the poor both rural and urban is for present purposes the extremely high proportion of their expenditure given to food.

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Democracy is going through a difficult time. Where autocrats have been driven out of office, their opponents have mostly failed to create viable democratic regimes. Even in established democracies, flaws in the system have become worryingly visible and disillusion with politics is rife. Yet just a few years ago democracy looked as though it would dominate the world.

6 billion people in the world are chronically hungry. 6 billion people are overweight.
“Health” as described by World Health Organisation “is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It is amusing to note that though one billion people in the world are chronically hungry, another one billion are overweight. This describes the economic inequality and the unconcerned attitude about health prevailing in the world.

Every political party in opposition stood against the present government, they agitated showing that they are on peoples side. It shows that no matter what been done for good of the nation, political parties in opposition will oppose it by taking the name of common on but working for own political agenda in mind. This shows for politicians the political game is more important than the nation. This time nations gave an impeccable answer by rejecting these fake emotion towards the common man.


It is good that you have used examples from around the world. Some movements like, Bhoodaan, Sarvodaya could have been mentioned too in the Indian context.

Tocqueville argued that local democracy frequently represented democracy at its best: “Town-meetings are to liberty what primary schools are to science they bring it within the people’s reach, they teach men how to use and enjoy it.” City mayors regularly get twice the approval ratings of national politicians. Modern technology can implement a modern version of Tocqueville’s town-hall meetings to promote civic involvement and innovation. An online hyperdemocracy where everything is put to an endless series of public votes would play to the hand of special-interest groups. But technocracy and direct democracy can keep each other in check: independent budget commissions can assess the cost and feasibility of local ballot initiatives, for example.

Also, some companies have set up work from home facilities. Now, our software geeks from rural areas won’t have to go to cities to work. They can work directly from their villages with just an internet connection. Also, international avenues for such works are opening.

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