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Thanks Chuck! Kind of scratching my head over the YA numbers, tho. Teens and adults love a lengthy read because they invest more heavily in the characters. No one can deny the success of big, honking books, in endless series, like Twilight and Harry Potter (which appeals to a far wider audience than it was probably intended to). What do you think is the reasoning behind the more conservative word counts in this genre? Are these only first novel word counts?

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Thanks Wesley! I wasn 8767 t sure if there was a specific YouTube author you enjoyed more than others, but it sounds like I 8767 m on the right track. Have a great day!

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I am in Austin Texas, I have deferred going tiny for years, because there is no where to put a tiny house. I found a listing on local craigslist of a planned tiny house community in Manor , which is a few miles out of Austin. Other than that, there are several rv parks in the area. Renting a space will cost less than $955/month. Totally doable in my opinion.

Most readers are not like us, willing to sit for hours at a time reading a novel. Most are grabbing a half hour at lunch or reading themselves to sleep at night. These readers tend to miss a lot.

The key is to focus on the story first, and then once you feel good about that, then look at your word count. Here 8767 s a good resources which breaks down the different genres: http:///

In this instance, I agree with Andy. Breaking it up into individual stories, or volumes, might be the best way to go. That way you wouldn 8767 t have to sacrifice story for word count. Since everyone loved using her as an example, if it worked for JK it can work for us, right? One of my works-in-progress began it 8767 s life as a single story. However, the more I develop the universe I realized that one book just couldn 8767 t do it justice and have it still make any sense. As of my last count it was up to five books, but we 8767 ll see were the story takes me.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. If I should ever be blessed with building a tiny house of my own, I will likewise 8775 pay it forward. 8776

Hi Wesley. Can someone help me out on the exact measurements of the door, windows, and other necessary materials. I just want to be certain that I wont be 8775 tricked 8776 by any carpenter into buying more than what is actually needed in building. I tried hiring a carpentry who spent 6 whole day installing our air conditioner. We had no idea that he dud not even know how to mix cement. Although to be fair on his part, he volunteered to install it for us.

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