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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 15:22

Great Concert! Was so excited that they did a small venue like State Theatre, especially since they sandwiched this day in between stadium shows with Linkin Park.

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They played a mix of songs from all albums including the newest one to be released. I ve always heard that the crowds go crazy at their shows and this one didn t disappoint. Austin was the first to come onstage and from that moment, the place was insane.

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Physical strength is not the only force that oppresses the men in the book. It is the rigid, predatory human tendencies, not Curley, that defeat Lennie and George in the end. Lennie&rsquo s physical size and strength prove powerless in the face of these universal laws, he is utterly defenseless and therefore disposable.

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In the world Of Mice and Men describes, Candy&rsquo s dog represents the fate awaiting anyone who has outlived his or her purpose. Once a fine sheepdog, useful on the ranch, Candy&rsquo s mutt is now debilitated by age. Candy&rsquo s sentimental attachment to the animal his plea that Carlson let the dog live for no other reason than that Candy raised it from a puppy means nothing at all on the ranch. Although Carlson promises to kill the dog painlessly, his insistence that the old animal must die supports a cruel natural law that the strong will dispose of the weak. Candy internalizes this lesson, for he fears that he himself is nearing an age when he will no longer be useful at the ranch, and therefore no longer welcome.

A must see show! They brought great strength to the crowd, a great experience I would have never traded for. They sounded great live, & I admire how they played some of their older songs. Will definitely go again in a heartbeat!

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When I found out Of Mice & Men were playing a show so close by I knew I had to get a ticket and many of my friends did too. The concert was azing they played songs from their newest album Restoring Force and some from one of their first albums. It was crazy and wild and amazing. After the show some of the bamd members came out to talk to the fans. Austin Carlile gave me a hug! It was definetly worthe the $75 for the ticket.

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See the latest video from John Steinbeck's classic American play, Of Mice and Men , starring James Franco, Chris O'Dowd and Leighton Meester. Don't miss this limited engagement at Broadway's Longacre Theatre.

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