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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 18:38

Many journals that are under evaluation for SCIE, SSCI or AHCI are considered first for coverage in ESCI. If these journals meet the criteria mentioned above they may begin coverage in ESCI with full evaluation for possible coverage in SCIE, SSCI and AHCI occurring at a later date.

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Special thanks to Editorial Development leaders Joelle Masciulli, Mariana Boletta, Kathleen Michael and Rodney Chonka for their critical reading and comments, to Publisher Relations management Marian Hollingsworth and Thomas Ciavarella for their active promotion of ESCI standards in the publishing community, and to Nina Chang for her insight on the integration of ESCI into the Core Collection in Web of Science.

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Editors look for international diversity among the journal’s contributing authors, editors, and editorial advisory board members at a level that is appropriate for the journal’s target audience. If the journal’s content is aimed at an international audience then we expect to find an internationally diverse group of authors, editors and editorial advisory board members contributing to it.

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For the first time, a new study gives us a sense of how much property damage these natural habitats can prevent during severe storms like Hurricane Harvey. Continue reading

S uppose, for example, that you give a pill to each of 65 people. You measure some response (such as their blood pressure). Each person will give a different response. And you give a different pill to 65 other people, and again get 65 different responses. How do you tell whether the two pills are really different?

No one factor is considered in isolation, but by combination and interrelation of data, our editors are able to determine the journal's overall strengths and weaknesses.

Today’s high school students are expected to decide on a life path early, and dedicate everything to pursuing that track, especially those considering a major or career in STEM. While it can produce students with high technical capabilities, this hyper focus can have serious drawbacks, according to Annette Jacobson, a professor of chemical engineering and dean of undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering. Continue reading

The evaluation of a journal for coverage in Web of Science begins with the submission of recently published content. For detailed instruction on submitting a journal for evaluation see below.

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