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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 18:07

8775 Yeah, but what about all the other countries and their problems? 8776 OK, what 8767 s your point? If that makes you suddenly cool with a nation that slaughters children and corrupts the institution of marriage, fine. Way to maintain high standards for the country you supposedly love. But, me, I want better for my homeland. When I love something and I do love my country I want it to be actually great, not just great compared to Somalia.

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What friend of human liberty, civilization, and refinement, can cast his view over the past history of the monarchies and aristocracies of antiquity, and not deplore that they ever existed? What philanthropist can contemplate the oppressions, the cruelties, and injustice inflicted by them on the masses of mankind, and not turn with moral horror from the retrospect?

:The Great Nation: France from Louis XV to

What is our secret? Just careful planning, a lot of hard work, commitment to quality, eye for the detail and true care for our customers and their belongings. It is as simple as that.

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No country is perfect, least of all Singapore. Beware the imperfections seen through imperfect lenses of rosy or tarry tint for they may through one 8767 s lenses be perfected.

All offer an attractive lifestyle, with an agreeable climate, good local transport, modern housing and lower crime rates than equivalent cities in many parts of the world.

Lee Kwan Yew is a well respected statesman in our site of the world but apparently being looked upon as something of an oddball in Singapore. I guess grass is always greener on the other side. Don 8767 t be too hard on yourselves, just think of the Han & Tang times if you think there is nothing great in your civilization.

Just for comparison with Britain 8767 s contribution around the world. China has contributed in her own ways to other nations, all you need to do is to have an open mind instead of feeling too inferior of yourselves then you wouldn 8767 t be blinded by your own biases against your own civilization. Just take a look at sinosphere, you will notice that China exported Silk making, Paper making, writing system, Confucianism, Architecture etc at their Zenith.

But to mention China as not a great nation might just be questionable. Of course you guys have discussed about China in its modern sense, I believe we should take a look at China as a nation, not as a political entity (the state). China existed and ran for the longer time as a nation, not a state. One mentioned that China created gunpowder and imperial exams. But I believe we should look past the more tangible achievements of China and perhaps look deeper. How about ideas such as Confucianism? Neighbouring places such as South-East Asia, Korea and even Japan has been deeply influenced by this.
(Note: Communist ideology did not originate from China)

Singapore 8767 s rise to having great wealth today is a result of their older generation 8767 s hard work and motivation, whether or not current generation can maintain the economic progress achieved by generations before them depends on whether they can stomach the necessary bitter medicines provided by their government and work hard as their predecessors did. But as history has shown, once people get rich, they always forget how is it like to be poor. And when tough time comes, instead of embracing the right policies necessary for survival, people always blame foreigners etc.. So we shall see how it goes. If things goes bad in Singapore, it may very soon be that Chinese in China who looks down on Singapore Chinese instead of the other way around.

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